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Wedding gift ideas for the bearded.

South Africa Wedding Gift Ideas


- Undoubtedly the most unique beard care range in the world.

- Handcrafted with the finest African Baobab oil, Marula oil, Kalahari Sweet Melon seed oil, Mafura butter and Gum Arabic.


- Our lightweight, rapid absorbing and deep penetrating oils keep your beard hair conditioned and your skin moisturized and hydrated.

- Say goodbye to bearddruff, itchiness and dry coarse bristles.


- All our products have fragrances with a unique combination of essential oils and perfumery aromas, which when combined deliver longer lasting complex aromas that wear like a good cologne.

- All these products can be purchased in different combinations. The most basic will be a Soap, Fertilizer and Oil for a beginner.

- For the bigger beards, a Combo of Soap, Oil and Paste will do wonders to your appearance.


Trots Anders Beard Care Products


Beard Soap

- Gelatine Based - Spicy Bay & Orange with a hint of Lavender.

Whiff Cologne

- Fresh and fruity top notes of Apple and Citrus.

- Perfectly balanced with a Floral and Spicy heart - dominated by Pelargonium, warm Cinnamon and Cloves.

- The base notes are very Masculine with Sandalwood, precious Cedar and Vetiver grass (Khus).

Beard Fertlizer

- Stimulates beard growth at the root.

- Prolongs the life cycle of hair.

Our Bespoke Beard Oils:

- Spicy Oil is a Bold fragrance of Cinnamon bark, Cardamom, Ginger, Cloves, Nutmeg and Black Pepper.

- Citrus Oil is a Fresh fragrance with Sweet Orange, Bitter Orange, Grapefruit, Bergamot and Lime.

- Earthly Oil is a Balmy fragrance of Lavender and Myrrh. Green, Earthy and Herbal, reminiscent of Spring Rain.

- Woody Oil is a Noble fragrance of Rosewood, Sandalwood and Chinese Cedar. Layered over a base note of dark and light Noble woods.

- Beard Jelly is a Peppermint fresh Fragrance with a Citrus blend of Sweet Orange, Bitter Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime, all over a Herbaceous note of Camphorous Rosemary and Thyme. 

- Beard Paste is a subtle fragrance of Grapefruit, Rosemary and Thyme. Totally non greasy. Stored in an Aluminium Tin.

- Beard Butter is a nutty Fragrance of Mafura Butter and Noble Wood smoke. Totally non greasy. Stored in an Aluminium Tin.

Pear Wood Comb (Non Static)

- Regular combing stimulates beard follicles and improves micro flow below the skin.

- Polished teeth massages your skin where you can't reach.

- Ensures smooth combing with ease through a tousled beard, without tearing at the beard and skin below.

Written by Marius Davel from trots ánders.


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