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Speech & Toast tips - check two...

Does this moment excite or terrify you? Don't worry! You've got this. It's your moment and it's time to own it. Create your story and study your topic. Rehearsal is key! Familiarize yourself with the setup and room. Take some deep breaths... until your heart-rate stabilizes. Get comfortable... Relax and then try it again. Don't read your speech; talk from the heart. Create a cheat-sheet and use body language that makes you appear and feel comfortable. Keep it simple and short and remember to slow down... it's not a race. Own your space! It's time to shine.

Now that the preparation is out of the way, let's talk about microphone tips… Check one... two… 1. Let your voice be heard. Use your radio voice. Yes, we all have a radio voice. Tune into that voice while you practice, warm-up and take a sip of water or wine. 2. Stand up straight. Your body is a structure and your voice the instrument. Allow the air to flow through your body and make sure that you are in a comfortable position… The READY position. 3. Rule of thumb (or perhaps two thumbs). Make sure that the microphone is a couple of centimeters away from your mouth. Don't keep it too close, as this will create a distorted sound, loud screeches, or feedback. Your voice should flow over the mic, not directly into it. Then, on the other hand, don't be shy and keep the mic too far away from your mouth.

4. Now it's up to you. Delivery is everything. Speak! Loudly, clearly and take your time. Your pitch, volume, rhythm, and speed is part of a winning deliverance. Be AWESOME!! Because you can do it!

Written by Christelle Theron from Southern Sound. Visit Listing Page.


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